Say something.

I don’t think I can give up on you.
I’ve never wanted to.
Why would you EVER think I would want to?

I’ve written so many letters but felt so vulnerable and exposed.
There’s other ways of being quiet you know?
For all my words, they always seem to betray me.

I’m sorry for pushing, but I just..

Wanted to have all your words, your thoughts.
Everything you’ve shared me I’ve kept close, right under my ribs.
Right where I’m weak.
I miss our silent walks more than any conversation I’ve had with anyone else.

It concerns me that you have no idea just how FUCKING GORGEOUS YOU ARE. INSIDE AND OUT.
I’ve never seen a smile better than yours y’know, absolutely lethal.
Killed me so much I thought I saw heaven, really. And you should know..
I adore the things you keep trying to hide.

Now, I don’t care about what we are, or what is I’m feeling. Friends or not, as long as there IS a we.

I just want to continue knowing you.


Please tell me it was lie. I want you to care.
I care so much that it terrifies me.
Please give me something, ANYTHING.
A message, a call, a letter.

A word.

Please tell me you haven’t given up on me.
I haven’t given up on you.

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Dear you,

I found myself thinking of you. You cross my mind at least three times a day and mostly even more.

We haven’t talked to eachother for almost a month now and the urge of talking to you grows everyday and gets even bigger and bigger. I know it is for the best to not talk to eachother for a while until you will get kinda over me and I will get kinda over you. But please someone tell me how can I let go of my first true love? I never thought I could fall for someone the way I have loved you and still love you. And I know I have been so wrong and I know I have been the one who broke up with you. And I know you and I can’t have a future together right now. But still it hurts so much not to talk to you.

I wonder what you are doing right know. What you are thinking of. I wonder what keeps you awake at night and what you are daydreaming about during the day. How is your new university? Do you like the course? How are your classes and your classmates? And what about the girls, did you meet new ones? Who is on your mind when you go to sleep, and is the new girl the one who you are thinking about when you wake up?

Everyday you are becoming more and more a stranger. The person who once was my best friend, my lover, the one who brought tears and joy to my days is now like a stranger to me. I am assured that time will make this better. That you will be one of my most precious stories one day. But I cannot bare the thought that there will be another person you will love and cherish more than me. I know that that thought may be stupid. And selfish. But I don’t want you to love another person the way you loved me and as much as you loved me. Not yet.

I wonder what you are doing babe. And I hope I cross your mind every now and then because you cross my mind all the time.

I miss you and I hope you’ll take good care of yourself.

Much love,

The girl you couldn’t live without.

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dear all of these crapy memories

every time, it comes down on me like a one-thousand ton of bricks, unexpected, uninvited, unwanted. the memories of her telling me im ugly and stupid and cruel. it was five years ago and back then i had no friends at my school that i could see. since then iv gotten a huge group of friends and learned the right way of dealing with people like her.but you. you stupid memories, just stop it, stop making me feel the same pain i felt then. i know that what she said is false but the pain is still there. but no mater what, you cant rule my life so shut the f*** up and get out of my face 

good day

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You have 9 days. 9 days until I call it quits. For 9 more days I’ll be your friend. For 9 more days I’ll await a message, letter, or skype call. You have 9 days to live up to what you’re supposed to be. 

After that?

You won’t hear from me again. I’ve made your decision. So far it seems you’ve made yours. 

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How do i submit a letter?
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Sgt Reed,

Thank you for telling my kid happy birthday. I know we’re not talking, I know it was my our choice but, I wish you wanted to talk to me. I could tell you good morning and good night every single day for the rest of my life. But I don’t- those good wishes would fall on deaf ears.

I needed space to get over you. I need space to get over you.

You got over me with me right in your face, I don’t have that skillset.

But yes, I do think of you.

I just wish you thought of me too.

-California Dreaming

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Hello, you.

What the hell is wrong with you. I deserve better then one word answers what did i do to you to make you treat me so poorly. Do you even have a heart, i hate you so much. Half the time you make me feel sexy, beautiful,special and wanted and the other half you make me feel pathetic and ugly, like i should go into hibernation. I hate feeling like this i wish i could just shut off my feelings for you but you keeping coming back into my life. To be honest, i want you in it but most of the time i think you don’t even know what you want, its like you want me but you don’t. Heres one thing i want you to know, I’m the best you’ll ever have, someone who accepts you wholly and is okay with that even if it drives them crazy. I hope you feel like shit for the way you treated me because you deserve it you stupid, ignorant pig. However through all of this i somewhat pity you because you’ll never realise how good you had it and this is because your a boy. 

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Wish we actually talked and all. I miss your face. And the fun you bring into a day.

I don’t know what game you’re playing, but if you don’t show up to the one I’m at soon—like real soon—then there’s nothing more to say to you. You don’t try. You haven’t even been there for me.

Still love you, you bastard, but something’s gotta give.

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Are we Friends?

Are we Flirting?

Am I Crazy?

Isn’t it obvious that i love you more than I could have ever planned I LOVE YOU to the moon and back Id scream it from mountain top to mountain top but that means nothing to you because she loves you the same way….Your all I ever wanted &I never even got the chance to tell you.

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to that person i scarred …

you know who you are. im sorry. im so sorry for everything. im sorry for not fighting for our relationship. im sorry for throwing it all away, leaving it all behind. im so sorry for hurting you. i never wanted to hurt you. i tried so hard, and i failed. i guess thats why they say every rose has its thorn. i loved you so much. i wanted a future w you, i wanted to be w you always and forever. but i never thought itll end … and its all because of me. i hate seeing you cry. i hate seeing you smiling through the pain. and i hate myself, because i know its all because of me. i know that youre crying yourself to sleep every night thinking about us. i know that you cringe every time you hear my name. i know that you hate me because you still love me despite the pain ive put you through. i hate the thought of seeing you still trying to fight for us, when not so long ago we were both fighting for each other. i used to say that we will overcome even enormous problems, and i ate my own words. im sorry for it. believe me, i loved you. i didnt want to lie to you, so i let you go. i didnt do it just for me. i did it for us. im so sorry. but i want you to be free of me. i want you to find happiness. you will find someone better, darling. and that person will love you better than i did. youll find someone who will love you through and through, and will make you beyond happy. im sorry that person couldnt be me. but you dont deserve me; you deserve better.
ill always be here for you, darling. ill always look out for you as i did when we were together.
thank you for everything. ill never forget about us.
and im sorry
From the bottom of my heart
I’m truely sorry

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